The Doug Dahlgren Show

                             The Doug Dahlgren Show is an internet radio program that appears each week, Fridays at 11am eastern time, on
Doug interviews interesting people, many are terrific authors, whom the public needs to know about.
You can tune in “live” at 11am on Fridays, or listen to any of Doug’s past programs by clicking on the podcast you’re interested in. ( the last year or so is on the current archive page )

Recently, in the Atlanta area, Doug’s show has been picked-up by The Georgia Center for the Book as a live event, once each month, on stage at the Decatur Library Auditorium.
The format there is FOUR AUTHORS, on stage with Doug for a great discussion of their work and a Q&A session with the audience at the end of the evening.
There no charge for admission, so if you’re in the Decatur area, first Friday of the month at 7:15pm….come join us.
It’s great fun and….you just might meet your new favorite author !

To comment or inquire about being a future guest on the show :  e-mail  :