Eight of Six


“Another amazing book by Doug Dahlgren. At first I was a little confused by the title but that is soon cleared up. A new character is introduce in this book, The Eagle. It’s reassuring to know there are patriots out there willing to protect our country’s values from those who treat it was so much scorn (or a least I hope there is). Just by. The things he wrote about I always felt like Vince Flynn wasa true patriot, I feel that Doug Dahlgren is also.”

“In his most challenging case to date, Silas is faced with the task of saving lives, rather than taking them. Amazingly complex, the story takes the reader all over the States to track down men at risk before the Bad Guys can get to them. With every one of his friends working alongside him, at home and in the air, he coordinates their moves with his sharp intuition and ultimate gambles.”

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